Type: Worm 

Origin: The Babylonian story of creation, Enuma Elish, told of this serpent-like creature, the Mother of the gods. 

Description: The modern depiction of Tiamat as a sea serpent or a multi-headed dragon was popularized in the 1970s as a fixture of the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying gamme. The Enûma Elish specifically states that Tiamat did give birth to dragons and serpents, but they are included among a larger and more general list of monsters including scorpion men and merpeople, none of which imply that any of the children resemble the mother or are even limited to aquatic creatures.The huge monster has scales so tough, and could not be broken by weapons. 

Myth : Tiamat lived in the primordial chaos that existed before the creation of the world. She mingled with Apsu (a personification of fresh water), and the first generation of gods was born. One of these gods, Enki, killed Apsu. Tiamat wanted to avenge Apsu by destroying the gods. She gathered an army of monsters, including 11 dragons. The older gods were so terrified when they saw Tiamat, and her army, that they accepted the offer of the younger god Marduk. He offered to kill Tiamat on the condition that his supremacy was recognised. Marduk killed Tiamat in battle and used her body to make the universe. He used the blood of Kingu, leader of Tiamat’s army and her second husband, to make mankind. The same Marduk has also executed Lamia, another monster.