Transgenics are humans whose genetic structure has been altered through introducing animal DNA into their genome. Cloning refers to the reproduction of genetically identical specimen.

Today, many labs conduct advanced researchs in order to study gene development and disease processes through transgenics.

Transgenic research is already 30% of all government-funded research grants. Transgenic exploration is considered a forward-thinking technology and boasts advanced medical treatments such as organ development for human transplantation (“xenotransplantation”).

But across Europe, concerns have been voiced by researchers themselves over breaching the species barrier. Nobody knows for sure what monsters the mutations could spawn.

In most religions and societies, it is considered a violation of nature and a sacrilege, creation remaning part of the divine order. Transgenics not only violates the natural order but opens a Pandora’s box to a molecular biological nightmare.

Interspecies differences could measurably effect the gene’s protein interactions, altering hereditary traits for generations to come and ultimately producing animal characteristics within humans.