UFO side effects

UFOs have been notorious for stopping automobiles at close range. It is relatively common for a motorist, cruising down the highway, to have his engine sputter, lose power, or stop running. At night, the headlights frequently grow dim or go out completely. Also, static is heard on the redio, and it may stop playing. The driver stops at the side of the road and gets out to search for the cause. Only then does he notice a large, glowing disc nearby, commonly hovering at low altitude over his car.

These effects are not limited to automobiles, but occur with all kinds of vehicles that are powered by internal combustion engines, except “diesels. Incidents of engine interference or failure have been reported for aircraft, motorcycles, trucks, buses, power mowews, tractors, and other farm machinery. In all cases, the engines ran normally affter the UFO had departed. Driving close to power transmission lines which operate at 60 cycles/second usually cause static on the radio without affecting the lights and engine.

The implication is clear: the mechanism of the UFO interference is something other than low frequency, “electromagnetic radiation”.