Vampire Disposal methods by country of origin

SampiroAlbaniaStake through heart
NachtzehrerBavariaPlace coin in mouth, decapitate with axe
OgoljenBohemiaBury at crossroads
KrvoijacBulgariaChain to grave with wild roses
KathakanoCreteBoil head in vinegar
BrukulacoGreeceCut off and burn head
VampirHungaryStake through heart, nail through temple
Dearg-dulIrelandPile stones on grave
VryolakasMacedoniaPour boiling oil on, drive nail through navel
UpierPolandBury face downwards
GierachPrussiaPut poppy seeds in grave
StrigoiulRumaniaRemove heart, cut in two; garlic in mouth, nail in head
VlkoslakSerbiaCut off toes, drive nail through neck
NeuntoterSaxonyLemon in mouth
VampiroSpainNo known remedy