Vampire hunters

Anti vampires weapons

As well as being knowledgeable about vampire lore, vampire hunters as depicted in fiction are often armed with an eclectic mix of items and weapons which are designed to take maximum advantage of the monster’s traditional weaknesses.

These have included firearms with silver ammunition, appropriate religious symbols, crossbows that fire all wood bolts and waterguns filled with blessed holy water.

Hunters are usually good computer hackers or detectives and can successfully trick certain agencies or organizations into giving out an address or phone number.

What to take if you need to hunt a real vampire:

  • A sword (silver blade inlay preferable)
  • A crossbow (long or short doesn’t matter as long as the bolts are wood or have a silver point)
  • Several wooden stakes
  • A hammer (to pound the stake through the chest)
  • A cross (may or may not work but is worth a try)
  • A container of gasoline or other flamable liquids
  • Several matches
  • A backpack to carry the smaller items

Note that these items are available at any supermarket or warehouse store.  Of course, if you can, take also:

  • A shotgun
  • Grenades
  • A couple of trained American pitt-bulls or dobbermans (they will buy you take the vampire by surprise).