Vampyres Festivals

Several major public international gatherings of vampyres taking place every year are known as the Endless Night Vampire Balls : in New Orleans every Halloween weekend, in Paris, France in April and also in New York City, Amsterdam and now Prague. Endless Nights is a mix of burlesque performance, a masquerade ball and rock concert.

Many who come through the Gates of the Endless Night never truly know what to expect until after their first event (we call these “virgins” in honor of our Rocky Horror roots).  Burlesque & belly dancers, local and internationally renowned DJs weave a unique auditory experience, opera singers, live bands such as Inkubus Sukkubus, Cruxshadows and gODHEAD, a Mistress / Master of Ceremonies ranging from local celebrities such as Empress Chi Chi Valenti and Lord Chaz of New Orleans preside over a crowd dressed in a variety of costumes from medieval to steampunk to fetish.

What makes the Endless Night most unique is the vampire and masque ball theme touched off with a Belle Epoch salon noir from the esoteric renaissance of 1890s France.  Always changing and morphing according to new and diverse interests Endless Nights is purely a unique experience which is unforgettable.

The Halloween Party in New Orleans at the House of Blues was listed in 2010 as the #1 Halloween party  by 

Dress Code:

The Endless Night Vampire Ball events are formal masquerade balls and 99% of the event’s quality, character and spirit are within the costume centered dresscode. This is a matter of vibe and security for our patrons so the dresscode is strictly enforced by the GateKeeper.

Check out the Endless Night Galleries or the official Endless Night Facebook Page for examples and inspiration of what to wear.

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