Vampyres Hierarchy

A growing number of vampiric covens and households make use of a specific caste system to help define the roles of their members. Originally utilized by the Kheprian Order, the caste system is derived from similar caste systems used in ancient societies and make great use of pseudonyms derived from various historical, mythological and biblical sources. 

The vampyre castes include Priests, Concubines, and Warriors. The Concubines are lovers, donors, advisors, and altars (the center balance of a ritual for sangomancy). The Priests are the leaders, scholars, organizers and practitioners of magick, such as Sangomancy or Vampyrecrafte. Finally, the Warriors are the strongarms, protectors and guardians of the Coven.

 Prefixes such as Lord, Lady, Marquis, Marquise, Mistress, and Master denotes status in a clan.