Vampyres Hierarchy

Initiation within the Strigoi Vii Vampyre Mysteries is known as Ordeals or Ascensions and are divided into an Outer Court "The Sanguinarium" and the Inner Court "The Ordo Strigoi Vii." 

Ronin are those individuals who feel the Calling to the Current yet do not use a formal structure of initiation within the Family. 

Formal initiation which is recognized within the Family is only done through the Current of Elorath message boards run by Magister Mael.  This forum which holds high standards and its members are sincere and serious about their own personal Zhep’r.


Also known simple as the "Sanguinarium" has four basic Outer Rites of Passage within the Strigoi Vii Mysteries.  Those not initiated and showing a vested interest are known as Seekers or Nasarim (Zero Circle) and have not completed any ordeals.

The First Rite of Passage "Dedication" – First Circle
Are those who have shown a vested interest in the Strigoi Vii Mysteries and are in agreement with the Black Veil and the Strigoi Vii Charge.  They formally have the title of *Prospectii.

The Second Rite of Passage "Coming forth by Day" – Second Circle
Are those who have come to testify to a sincere commitment to "Come forth by Day" through the Five Dayside Principles.  Those who have Come Forth by Day are formally known as Jahira and informally known as Vampyre Initiates.

The Third Rite of Passage "Coming forth by Night" – Third Circle
These individuals have testified to the "Coming forth by Night" and acknowledge the reality of the etheric realm and the Arts of Vampyrism.  They formally have the title of Calmae and informally known as Vampyre Soror / Frater.

The Fourth Rite of Passage "Cming forth by Twlight" – Fourth Circle
Have testified to "Coming forth by Twilight" and acknowledge the reality of the Strigoi Morte, Current of Elorath and Flight.  They formally have the title of Moroii and informally known as Vampyre Adepts.


Our Inner Circle is formally known as the Ordo Strigoi Vii (OSV) and members have their own private and discrete hierarchy of ordeals which include "Acolyte" and "Magister," who swear an Oath of Love & Loyalty to the Family and must have completed the Fourth Ordeal of MoRoii.  Membership to the Inner Court is by invite only and even asking for such an appointment simply results in refusal.  The Synod is the spiritual leadership and administrative body of the Sanguinarium movement, they are a trinity of elder magisters and Strigoi Morte advisors representing each of the three Trinity Currents including Kitra, Mradu and Ramkht appointed by the Grande Magister.  The Grand Magister is the official corporeal "High Priest/ess" of the Family and is responsible for overall appointment of the Synod and running the Family.

The Art of Vampyrism as practiced by the Strigoi Vii and as defined by the Sanguinomicon is a method of tapping the surplus life-force radiated by the human body. Vampyrism is not something We of The Family are; rather it is what We do. The purpose of the Art of Vampyrism is first and foremost Communion with the Strigoi Morte, or the ascended Elders, which is the main catalyst to ignite Zhep’r, the evolution and transformation of Vampyrism. On a higher level the prana procured is used for the application of Nomaj Sorcery within the Inner Mysteries.

The human body is the most evolved Corporeal entity on Earth and thus creates the highest frequency and purest form of Prana (the Sanskrit word for vital life-force). Lower forms of Prana such as that from animals, plants, or objects simply are not strong enough and cannot be of use in fueling Zhep’r. Nor is it suitable for Communion.

Although the Art of Vampyrism is an act which consciously draws on humans, this is not a parasitic act, as is the case with traditional psychic vampirism. Through the Art, as in the transfer of energies within the Web of Life, the flow of energy is actually healthy and very pleasurable for the human. This is a symbiotic relationship and is truly evolved beyond what the mortal would consider being a predator. The tapping of energies never involves the drinking of physical blood, and is not physically, emotionally, or spiritually harmful to humans in any way.