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Temple of the Vampire

The Temple of the Vampire was established in 1989 in Lacy, Washington, USA. The Temple bases its beliefs on various books known as Bibles. Also much like the beliefs of Satanists, the Temple teaches that the vampire is his own God.

The primary teachings of the Temple of the Vampire are that Vampires created earth and that one-day vampires will rise again and rule the earth in a vampire Armageddon called the final harvest.

According to the Temple there are two types of vampire.

  • The living vampires are members who have realized their godhead as vampires.
  • The second are the vampire gods also called the undead gods. The living vampires give energy to the gods as sacrifices. This is called the vampire communion.

The Temple has five grades of initiation:

  1. Vampire Initiate– first circle of the outer temple
  2. Vampire Predator– second circle of the outer temple and is the title granted to the vampire initiate who successfully achieves specific results in vampire development both earthly and magically.
  3. Vampire Priest or priestess– Priesthood of UR is the third circle of the temple of the vampire and also is known as the inner temple or temple of the dragon. A vampire priest or priestess has successfully demonstrated an advanced application of the principles of vampirism and has sworn an oath to serve the temple. The priesthood of UR is the gateway to the hidden mysteries of the temple from which this earthly world is literally ruled.
  4. Vampire sorcerers or sorceress
  5. Vampire adapts.


There are two levels of membership in the Temple:

A lifetime member is an individual who has made some material donation to the temple such as money or other exchangeable objects of value. A lifetime member is eligible to obtain the vampire bible, the vampire ritual medallion and the vampire temple ring upon making a suitable minimum donation as listed in current offerings available sheet.

The active membership is a lifetime member who makes formal application for affiliation and is granted entrance by the council for advanced study. Members must voluntarily accept four restrictions to their behavior:

  1. No Criminal Activity
  2. No Physical Blood Drinking
  3. No presentation of the temple to the public without permission
  4. No support of any group or individual opposed to the temple.

Members may be identified by their use of jewelry or altar cloths that feature the Temple’s stylized winged skull of UR. This is an image of a skull wings coming out of it’s upper cranial region. The temple of the vampire members believe they practice an ancient religion, which they claim, has been known by various names over the centuries:

   Thus the religion of Vampirism has been and remains the Religion of
   the Rulers. Ours is a selfish and brutal philosophy dedicated to
   personal survival and triumph. We have no interest in humanity as a
   whole other than in how they may serve us. At the same time all other
   religions of the world were founded and continue to be directed by
   those of our kind. The religions we have created for humanity are
   designed to curb human pride and inculcate a slave mentality. The
   Vampire knows that there is no God who loves or cares for humanity for
   it is we who created and taught them their idea of God. In truth, we
   are the Gods of humankind while remaining atheists ourselves.
   The Vampire is dedicated to the rational enjoyment of life. No
   pleasure is forbidden or sinful to the Vampire. At the same time the
   Vampire respects the reality of causality and is not a mindless
   hedonist. Therefore all members of the Temple of the Vampire are
   forbidden from criminal acts within the laws of their own society's
   government or governments. Any person found to be involved in criminal
   activity will be promptly reported to the appropriate law enforcement
   authorities, and immediately and irrevocably expelled from the Temple.
   There will be no exceptions.
   The Dayside of the Vampire's personality is that of the skeptical
   materialist who approaches life with a no-nonsense perspective. The
   key word here is doubt. We laugh in scorn at the humans who find
   themselves believing in the superstitious nonsense which our kind
   created for their control. The earthly Dayside Vampire is dedicated to
   personal, material mastery of life. While this seldom entails the
   seeking of monetary wealth to the exclusion of personal pleasure, the
   Religion of the Rulers leads one toward material success as a natural
   consequence of respecting the realities of the world as it is.
   In Ritual and other magical acts, the Vampire exhibits the Nightside
   of his personality. The key word here is belief. The Vampire learns to
   slip in and out of belief systems as they serve him, and absolute
   belief in magic is only engaged in when magic is actually used. The
   many powers of the Vampire (to include shapeshifting, flying, mesmeric
   power, superhuman strength and physical immortality) are accepted as
   real first within the Nightside of the Vampire's mind. Here, from the
   Will's connection to the Powers of Darkness, the fantasies of power
   become realities. These realities are manifested in what are called
   out-of-body lucid dreams and are approached by the sincere and
   dedicated application of the Higher Teachings of the Temple.
   By developing and maintaining the opposing Dayside and Nightside
   perspectives, the Vampire produces a powerful stress between the
   worlds of truth and fantasy. The result is a growing capacity to cause
   change in the material world by magical means such that dreams of the
   Night leave footprints in the Day.
   There are several divisions and levels within the Temple based upon
   the successful application of the Higher Teachings which are made
   available in order of development.
   A Lifetime Member is any individual who has made some material
   donation to the Temple such as money or other exchangeable objects of
   value. A Lifetime Member is eligible to obtain The Vampire Bible, the
   Vampire Ritual Medallion and the Vampire Temple Ring upon making a
   suitable minimum donation as listed in the "Current Offerings
   Available" sheet.
   An Active Member is a Lifetime Member who makes formal application for
   affiliation and is granted entrance by the Council for advanced study.
   This is considered the First Circle of the Outer Temple and carries
   the title of Vampire Initiate. The Vampire Predator is the Second
   Circle of the Outer Temple and is the title granted to the Vampire
   Initiate who successfully achieves specific results in Vampiric
   development both earthly and magical. The Priesthood of UR is the
   Third Circle of the Temple of the Vampire and is also known as The
   Inner Temple or the Temple of the Dragon. A Vampire Priest or
   Priestess has successfully demonstrated an advanced application of the
   principles of Vampirism and has sworn an Oath to serve the Temple.
   The Priesthood of UR is the Gateway to the Hidden Mysteries of the
   Temple from which this earthly world is quite literally ruled. These
   Mysteries are revealed to those who prove themselves worthy of such
   trust. The affiliations of the oldest organization on earth are, of
   course, numerous and far-ranging. (ET IN ARCADIA EGO . . . ).
   A Vampire is made, not born. This making comes from direct and
   personal contact with the Undead Gods. The original and correct
   purpose of all magical ritual is to attract and meet with the Undead
   in the sacred act of Vampiric Communion. The gatherings for Vampiric
   Communion have always drawn the human aspirants as well as Those Who
   Have Risen to remote and isolated settings and shall continue to do so
   until the end of the world.

   At all levels of the Temple, the sacred ritual magic ceremonies of
   Vampiric Communion (The Calling of the Undead) are entered into to
   achieve magical results. Vampiric Communion can be enjoyed in solitary
   ritual or in group ceremony. It is entirely possible for the solitary
   member to successfully pursue Vampirism without physically ever
   meeting another member. While there is no requirement for
   socialization, most members discover that not only is ritual
   strengthened by numbers but a thirst to be in the presence of those of
   our own kind can only be quenched by such meetings. For this reason,
   the Temple commonly conducts Conclaves, often annually, at various
   international locations to better enable contact between interested
   active members. Details are provided in a timely fashion for active
   members expressing an interest in such meetings.


I am a Vampire.
I worship my ego and I worship my life, for I am the only God that is.
I am proud that I am a predatory animal and I honor my animal instincts.
I exalt my rational mind and hold no belief that is in defiance of reason.
I recognize the difference between the worlds of truth and fantasy.
I acknowledge the fact that survival is the highest law.
I acknowledge the Powers of Darkness to be hidden natural laws
through which I work my magic.
I know that my beliefs in Ritual are fantasy but the magic is real,
and I respect and acknowledge the results of my magic.
I realize there is no heaven as there is no hell,
and I view death as the destroyer of life.
Therefore I will make the most of life here and now.
I am a Vampire.
Bow down before me.


I am thine Inmost Self.
I gaze out upon thy world of colored lights from the Darkness behind thine eyes.
I reach out through thy hands and touch The soft pleasures of thy living world.
I am the most Ancient One, the Creator of the Gods.
I am the Changing and Changeless One.
And whenever thou gazeth into the eyes of another, there! Lo! I Gaze back at thee!
I am the Source of All That Is!
He who recognizes Me as his own Self becomes also the Source
And is, in Truth, a Sorcerer.
He who allows the flow of My Being To Writhe through the sinews of his body,
to Touch and Change All in accordance with his Will, Is, in Truth, a Magician.
And My Dragon Magic is sweet for I Grant thee thy Wishes.
In what thou calleth dreams, I Gather My Forces.
In what thou calleth reality, I Stage My Dreams.
I Grant to all who seek My Being and My Power the Right to seek their own Pleasures!
I am the True God, the One God, the Only God Which Is.
I am thee and thou art Me.
Yea, even My Symbol is the Mirror!
And know well My Name for by honoring It in all thy Actions thou wilt
Be and remain worthy of My Dragon Magic.

   To acquire additional information on application for membership, you
   must submit a written letter and a token donation (usually $5 U.S.) to
   the Temple requesting current information. What you are now reading is
   the whole of what shall be made available through the Internet so as
   to retain control over those accepted as members. This Temple is not
   for everyone.
   Above all, the Temple exists to serve the Undead Gods. Those who
   simply expect to be entertained will be ignored. Those who refuse to
   make strong personal efforts to serve by study and application will be
   Vampirism is real and most ancient. Mortal life is swift and short. We
   may pick and choose amongst the billions to replenish the Elite. You
   have just this one opportunity for life undying. Your next actions
   will decide your future as either just another mortal lost to the
   winds of time, or as one who will join Us as a true Vampire, an
   undying Ruler of this earth.
   The choice is yours.

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NB: This text is solely for informative purpose. We give no guarantee regarding the veracity of the content .

The Temple is committed to cryonic preservation, i.e. the preservation of your physical body with the expectation that future technology will be sufficient to revive your corpse. It is a gift that is granted to the initiated members of the Inner Circle.

The founder, George Smith (AKA Lucas Martel/Nemo), his son and some close confidants, including Anton LaVey’s son Xerxes, are the insurance agents that members of the ToV go to in order to purchase the policy that funds the cryonic suspensions, which can range anywhere from $30,000 to upwards of $150,000.

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