Vampiric Community

“Vampiric community” or “vampire community” is a term forged to loosely indicate all those who self-defined or fell under any definition of “vampire. “Vampiric” would in a broader sense include people who do not use the term “vampire” and those who are supporters, sympathizers and “donors.”

Such a community would gather vampires who share common interests and goals, recognize a set of core values and beliefs that transcends their differences, and gains a sense of belonging in this common ground.

Unfortunately, this dream has never gone beyond a few internet forums in the early internet days. The reason is that people, who claim to be “vampires”, do it for different purposes.

Sanguinarians and psychic vampires are mentally or biologically affected by their craving whereas lifestylers and gamers are only players.

There is still something called “the vampyre Scene” but it is more a network of clubs and bars than a real community. 

Some vampyres try to congregate into small clans, usually called covens or “houses,” in a sort of tribal culture to find acceptance among others that share their beliefs.

There are also many modern vampires that are not part of a coven, but rather are solitary.