Varan (Japanese: バラン, Hepburn: Baran) is a giant prehistoric flying lizard, which first appeared in the 1958 film Varan, directed by Ishirō Honda and in the 1968 film Destroy All Monsters, the ninth film in the Godzilla franchise.


A prehistoric amphibian monster, Varan was driven from his underwater lair by increasing levels of toxic pollution and worshipped as a diety by practitioners of the cult of Obake.

Repelled by the Japanese army, Varan was later captured and confined to Monsterland on the Ogasawara Islands.

Varan reappears in Destroy All Monsters living on Monsterland with many other kaiju including Godzilla. Varan is seen in the climax, joining the other Earth monsters to fight against the King Ghidorah, though he does not actually participate in the fight.

After King Ghidorah is killed, Varan, along with the other kaiju return to Monsterland


  • Height:  50 meters (164 feet)
  • Weight:  16,500 tons

Special weapons

Gliding flight, claws and spines

Movie appearance

  • Varan the Unbelievable (1958),
  • Destroy All Monsters