Western Dragons

Element : Earth and Water

Places: Dragons were genius loci of various places in Europe but aftre being slaughtered by knights, they retreated in India and Ethiopia.

Description: The Western type of dragon has been variously described. He appears to be created from parts of various creatures, having eagle’s feet, two bat-like wings, lion’s forelimbs, reptile’s head, fish’s scales, antelope’s horns and a serpentine form of spade tail, which occasionally extended to the head. It can be of any color and some species can even change the color of their skin just like a chameleon. They usually breath fire but this is not a general trait.

They are usually portrayed as evil, mean, and bloodthirsty which is a consequence of the demonization exerced by the Church. 

Powers: Those dragons usually have huge hoards of gold and jewels hidden in their lairs. They are known to live more than 300 years, some western dragons are even immortal. Dragons are afraid of the peridexion tree and stay out of its shadow, which will harm them. Doves roost in the tree to be safe from the dragon. Dragons cannot stand the sweet smell breathed out by the panther and hide in a hole when the panther roars.

Friend/Foe: They do not eat too often and can live on a sheep or ox once a month. The dragon is the enemy of the elephant, and hides near paths where elephants walk so that it can catch them with its tail and kill them by suffocation. It is because of the threat of the dragon that elephants give birth in the water.

Famous: The end of the dragon came with Christianity as the Church declares them as enemies and send hords of knights to struggle against them. As a result, most dragons have been destroyed (and even more knights have been burned). 

Magic: Eating a dragons’ heart will give the the power of understanding the language of animals, eating the dragons’ tongue enables to win any argument, and rubbing the dragons’ blood on skin will protect against stabs.