Zombie Weaknesses

Fanboys vs. Zombies #6 Cover C by Felipe Smith.

The zombie’s strength level is at normal human-levels, but they are considerably slower that average humans, possessing poor agility and coordination.

Most zombies have difficulty with simple mechanical objects and obstacles such as doorknobs, latches, stairs, and fences.

When confronted individually, zombies appear rather weak, but the creature’s true threat is revealed when they are encountered in huge numbers.

These relentless legions of tireless, flesh-eating machines will assault you on every side and corner until you fall and there comes the lunch. It is then recommended to keep at safe distance from zombies at every direction.

Brain target

It is generally accepted that the impulse and drive experienced by the walking dead resides in the brain. Therefore, removing the head or otherwise destroying the brain-body connection will stop them.

Because zombies are in most cases already deceased, it is usually deemed impossible to kill them by conventional methods such as gunshot, poisoning, or stabbing, unless the brain is damaged or destroyed.

In instances where zombification is caused by magic (Voodoo Zombies), a zombie may potentially be stopped by the death of its master.

  • Stupidity – Zombies have no intelligence and no survival instincts, and so they can be easily lured into traps.
  • Speed – Traditionally, zombies cannot move very fast due to their decayed state and complete lack of coordination, making it relatively easy to outrun them or navigate through them. However, more recent types of Hollywood zombies have displayed the ability to run, and without being hindered by pain or exhaustion, they can run at an athletic pace so long as their legs do not deteriorate too much.
  • Brains – Modern zombies generally cannot be stopped without destroying the brain. Any number of weapons can prove useful in causing the damage necessary to stop a zombie completely, but some are better than others.
  • Salt – Applicable to Voodoo zombies only. Supposedly, scattering salt over the graves of the deceased lifts the spell cast over the bodies.