Attributes of freaks

General attributes of freaks



Freaks may have too few or too many body parts



Freaks may have distorted or monstrous forms



Freaks are usually much larger/smaller/thinner/bigger than the norm



Freaks may have hair or skin of an anormal color considering their sex/race/age



Freaks having two or contradictive genders


Rarity and early mortality

  1. Congenital freaks are rare, they represent less than 0.2-3% of total human children births. More than 80% will die before they reach 3 months.
  2. The variation and variance in the rate is explained by the differences in the definition of the freak as a discriminatory factor.
  3. An commonly accepted rate is 2.5-3% of abnormals and monstrous children.
  4. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) says that 2% to 3% of babies in the United States have major congenital birth defects.
  5. Albert Puech : 0.2-0.4% (men)
  6. The result of a survey by INSERM (French Medical Institute) in 1978 on the period 1950-1968 yields the number 1.79% .
  7. This rate remains constant in time even if prenatal test and early abortion might help reducing the number of freaks actually born.