Spectral Puns

1. Why are Ghosts in such good shape? Plenty of exorcise and a good die-t. 2. How does a Ghost say good-bye? “I can’t wait to seance you again.” 3. What sound do you hear if you explode a Ghost? kaBOOm! 4. Which is a Ghost’s favourite cheese? Ghoul-da Cheese. 5. What do Ghosts say … Read more

Bloody Mary

According to legend, Bloody Mary (also known as Mary Worth, Mary Margaret, etc) is the ghost of an unhappy woman who either committed suicide due to having her baby stolen or was accused of murdering her children. Depending on the variation used, this turned her spirit mad with grief or anger and she would haunt … Read more

The Vanishing Hitchhiker

The vanishing hitchhiker is an urban legend in which people traveling by vehicle, meet with or are accompanied by a hitchhiker who subsequently vanishes without explanation, often from a moving vehicle. Story It is a dark and stormy night. A person driving sees a forlorn figure at the side of the road and decides to … Read more

La Llorona

La Llorona is the legend of a woman who has lost her children, and who can be heard, and sometimes seen, weeping in the night. La Llorona (the name means “She who weeps” in Spanish) is in most stories said to be Mexican, although sometimes she is a woman who lived in the American Southwest. … Read more

The Witch Of Endor

In Abrahamic Biblical lore, The WITCH OF ENDOR, also known as the Medium of Endor, was a medium who apparently summoned the prophet Samuel’s spirit, at the demand of King Saul of the Kingdom of Israel in the biblical First Book of Samuel, chapter 28:3–25. When Samuel dies, he is buried in the town of … Read more

True cases

If we accept that our senses can fool us, then we must find a means to separate illusions and real apparitions. Here is a short list of items to watch when facing a haunting case. Cases in which the apparition conveyed to the percipient accurate information that was previously unknown to him. Cases in which … Read more

The Ouija Board

A ouija board is a medium through which messages are supposedly communicated by the dead to or through the players of seance. Ouija boards are also known as "witch boards" and "talking boards." The nickname "ouiji" or "weejie" is also used quite a bit. The word "ouija" is actually a combination of two words, the … Read more


A séance is the term that describes a communication between a group of two or several persons in the physical realm with one or more entities in other dimensions. It is also called Mediumship.  A Medium is the person who contacts ‘the other side.’ The word Séance comes from French séance, ‘seat’, ‘session’, from Old … Read more