The Witch Of Endor

In Abrahamic Biblical lore, The WITCH OF ENDOR, also known as the Medium of Endor, was a medium who apparently summoned the prophet Samuel’s spirit, at the demand of King Saul of the Kingdom of Israel in the biblical First Book of Samuel, chapter 28:3–25.

When Samuel dies, he is buried in the town of Ramah. Saul, the current King of Israel, seeks wisdom from YAHWEH in choosing a course of action against the assembled forces of the Philistines. He receives no answer from dreams, prophets, or the Urim and Thummim (forces of Godly divination). Having driven out all necromancers, sorcerers and magicians from Israel, Saul searches for a medium anonymously and in disguise.

When his servants told him of such a woman at Endor, he disguised himself and visited her that night. He asked her to conjure up the spirit of the prophet Samuel to tell his fortunes. When the woman reminded him of the law against practicing her art, he assured her that she would be protected. The woman accordingly conjured up a spirit identified by Saul as Samuel. The spirit informed Saul that he and his three sons would die in battle the next day and that the Israelis would fall to the Philistines. Saul is naturally terrified. The next day, his army is completely defeated as prophesied, and Saul commits suicide.

Although Saul is depicted as a raging antagonist to witches, diviners and seers, the Witch of Endor generally is portrayed pretty sympathetically; she comforts Saul when she sees his distress and insists on feeding him before he leaves, leading one to ask the question: who is the villain in the story? The king who persecuted all witches or the witch who aided a king in need?.