The White Wolf of Kostopchin

The White Wolf of KostopchinBy Sir Gilbert Campbell(From “Wild and Weird Tales of Imagination and Mystery.”) “A wide sandy expanse of country, flat and uninteresting in appearance, with a great staring whitewashed house standing in the midst of wide fields of cultivated land; whilst far away were the low sand hills and pine forests to … Read more

Little Red Riding Hood

The Tale and its History Perrault was the first to write down “Little Red Riding Hood,” but the tragic ending of this version has caused some to question whether it has a genuine folk origin.  The version most widely known today is based on the Brothers Grimm version. It is not so much a story … Read more

The Mark of the Beast

Your Gods and my Gods—do you or I know which are the stronger?—Native Proverb. East of Suez, some hold, the direct control of Providence ceases; Man being there handed over to the power of the Gods and Devils of Asia, and the Church of England Providence only exercising an occasional and modified supervision in the … Read more

The case of a real wendigo

On a cold December day in 1879, a man was hanged in Fort Saskatchewan, putting an end to one of the most horrifying killing sprees in Alberta history. Swift Runner was executed for murdering and then eating eight members of his own family over the previous winter. He believed he was possessed by Windigo, a … Read more

Hugues, the Wer-Wolf

Book by Sutherland Menzies ON THE confines of that extensive forest-tract formerly spreading over so large a portion of the county of Kent, a remnant of which, to this day, is known as the weald of Kent, and where it stretched its almost impervious covert midway between Ashford and Canterbury during the prolonged reign of … Read more

The Werewolf

IN the reign of Egbert the Saxon there dwelt in Britain a maiden named Yseult, who was beloved of all, both for her goodness and for her beauty. But, though many a youth came wooing her, she loved Harold only, and to him she plighted her troth. Among the other youth of whom Yseult was … Read more

The Thing in the Forest

Into the snow-locked forests of Upper Hungary steal wolves in winter; but there is a footfall worse than theirs to knock upon the heart of the lonely traveller. One December evening Elspet, the young, newly wedded wife of the woodman Stefan, came hurrying over the lower slopes of the White Mountains from the town where … Read more

The Wolf Stone

In a valley in the Fichtel Mountains a shepherd tended his flock in a green meadow. Several times it happened that after driving his herd home he discovered that one of the animals was missing. All searching was in vain. They were lost and they remained lost. Watching more carefully, he saw a large wolf … Read more