Vampires secret societies

Temple of the Vampire The Temple of the Vampire was established in 1989 in Lacy, Washington, USA. The Temple bases its beliefs on various books known as Bibles. Also much like the beliefs of Satanists, the Temple teaches that the vampire is his own God. The primary teachings of the Temple of the Vampire are … Read more

Etymology of vampire

The Oxford English Dictionary dates the first appearance of the word vampire in English from 1734, in a travelogue titled Travels of Three English Gentlemen published in the Harleian Miscellany in 1745. The English word vampire was borrowed from French vampire in turn borrowed in early 18th century from Serbian вампир/vampir or, according to some … Read more

Short Stories about Vlad Dracula

Much of the information we have about Vlad III comes from pamphlets published in Germany and Russia after his death. The German pamphlets appeared shortly after Dracula’s death and, at least initially, may have been politically inspired. At that time Matthias Corvinus of Hungary was seeking to bolster his own reputation in the Holy Roman … Read more

Dracula Places

Bran Castle is an impressive medieval castle in perfect condition located in the village of Bran near the city of Brasov, in the southern range of the Carpathians. It is the most famous “Dracula” site and also the less authentic, having little connection with Vlad Tepes. For many years. Bran Castle has been presented to … Read more

Vampire Organizations

Anne Rice’s Vampire Lestat Fan ClubP.O. Box 58277New OrleansLA 70158-8277USA The Bram Stoker Society227 Rochester AvenueDun LaoghaireCounty DublinIrelandThe British Dracula Society36 Elliston House100 Wellington StreetWoolich, LondonEngland SE 18 The British Vampyre Society38 WestcroftChippenham WiltsEngland SN 14 OLY The Count Dracula Fanclub29 Washington Square WestPenthouse NorthNew York, NY 10011USA The Count Dracula Society334 West 54th StreetLos … Read more

Vampire Jokes

Why Count Dracula read the Mirror?– He heard it had great circulation. How many Vampires does it take to change a light bulb? – Zero none of them needs it. What does a vampire girl do when she gets lost in the desert?– waits for her period. What’s the difference between a lawyer and a … Read more

A Vampires Solemn Prayer

Hail My Lord! Oh  my mighty dark Lord, My Satan, for you are the lord of my whole race.Thy god has so lost you and forsaken thee. Un-blessed is the dark stench of the pitt that thy lie in hell. And un-blessed is the forbidden fruit which doth hang around your neck.And with this with … Read more

The Masquerade Lexicon

Alleycat: Term for a Kindred with no permanent haven, who sleeps somewhere new every day. Anarch: A kindred rebel who oppose the tyranny of elders. Ancillae: Relatively young vampires (between one and two-hundred years of unlife) who have proved themselves valuable members of Kindred society. Antediluvians: These ancient vampires, if they exist at all, are … Read more