Mythical vampire

According to the classical definition that  reigned in the middle-age, a vampire is an animated corpse that survives by drinking the blood of the living. It also has a demonic nature and is a servant of Satan, dedicated to spreading its evil throughout the world. Bram Stocker added many desirable traits to the vampire, and … Read more

Hollywood vampire

Unlike the foul-smelling and gross folk vampires, modern vampires are generally more sophisticated and take better care of their appearances among the living. The sexual allure and prowess of vampires is almost entirely a literary embellishment, again owed chiefly to the Victorian imagination of Bram Stoker. There is little doubt that the popular success of … Read more

Vampire hunters

Vampire hunters are professionals whose job it to clean an area from vampires that may affect it. In the ancient time, especially in Greece and Serbia, it was a recognized profession. Today, a few people still pretend to hunt vampires as Manchester from the Highgate Vampire story. In fiction, a vampire hunter or vampire slayer … Read more

Human Living Vampires

Human Living Vampires (HLV’s) are individuals who, while they firmly assert that they are essentially human beings, and to all external appearances are exactly that, nevertheless have pronounced vampiric characteristics having a need, compulsion, or involuntary tendency to “feed” upon some substance or some kind of energy produced by other living things, primarily other people. … Read more

Psychopathic vampire

A psychopathic vampire is a person who has a sociopath mental illness that leads him (an exclusive male trait) to behave like a vampire, and sometimes to actually self-identify as one. Certain killers commit crimes that focus around the desire to drink human blood. They are considered human vampires, their crimes vampire crimes. Vampire crimes … Read more


Within the vampire community, blood-drinkers are commonly known as sanguines or sanguinarians. The word is taken from the Latin sanguis, which means literally, “blood.” A sanguine vampire – “sang vamp” for short – drinks blood from willing human donors on a semi-regular basis. Amy Krieytaz has coined the term “sanguinarians” for blood vampires whose main … Read more

Psychic Vampires

Psychic vampires are living people who have the ability, consciously or unconsciously of draining life-energy (prana, chi, life-force …) rather than blood from others. Whether this ability was developed through meditation, mentally altering drug usage, or inherited, it can be used by the Psychic Vampire to drain energy for its own use.  In the words … Read more

Blood Fetish Vampire

The Blood Fetish Vampire or blood fetishist is a human person who derives intense erotic/sexual arousal or satisfaction from the taste, sight, or feel of human blood. Blood fetishists may or may not be bona fide HLV’s, or be interested in actually drinking or tasting blood. Other also combine vampire lifestyle and may bleach their … Read more