Psychopathic vampire

A psychopathic vampire is a person who has a sociopath mental illness that leads him (an exclusive male trait) to behave like a vampire, and sometimes to actually self-identify as one.

Certain killers commit crimes that focus around the desire to drink human blood. They are considered human vampires, their crimes vampire crimes.

Vampire crimes are committed for different reasons. There is a distinction between people who drink blood because they believe they are vampires and those who sip blood for rituals. Vampire crimes can be either a result of Satanic ritual or a belief that the person is actually a vampire.

There are people who derive sexual pleasure or other psychological needs from the consumption of human blood. This is called hematomania, or a blood fetish. To satisfy their need, the human vampire may either find a willing donor or turn to crime, including murder.

In most cases, this identification is with folkloric/fictional vampires such as Dracula, Anne Rice’s characters or the vampires in role-playing games. But more usually, psychopathic vampires are simply obsessed with blood and will commit brutal crimes without remorse in order to see, taste, and feel it.

Some may also take on the travesty-go of vampyre lifestylers by wearing capes, sleeping in coffins, filling their homes with skulls, bones, and souvenirs stolen from cemeteries through they should not be confused with true lifestylers.

Reported in the medical literature for more than a century and also named Renfield’s syndrome after Stocker’s character, clinical vampirism is a recognizable, although rare, clinical entity characterized by periodic compulsive blood drinking and an affinity with death.

Clinical vampirism groups some of the most shocking pathological behaviors observed. It is one of the few pathological manifestations that blends myth and reality in dramatic fashion and contains many possible elements including schizophrenia, psychopathic and perverse features.