Dracula’s Powers

Dracula was a master in occult arts and black magic and acquired additional powers through pacts with satanic entities and the sacrifice of many people. Within a limited range, the Count has the power to control the weather. He often uses fog or mist to cover his movements. Telepathy, telekinesis and other mind powers: Dracula … Read more


Vampires do not age, except on some occasions when they have been deprived of blood for extended periods of time. However, the vampire will be rejuvenated when as soon as he gets fresh blood supply. Most of the vampire’s powers increase over the centuries with age and experience.  These centuries-spanning creatures may eventually become Vampire … Read more

Vampires abilities

Invulnerability Vampires have remarkable recuperative powers and cannot be harmed by conventional weapons. They are also immune to all forms of human diseases and illnesses. Only when moving about during the day or when resting in his coffin, the vampire is somewhat vulnerable and subject to physical harm. Bullets and ordinary knives provide only momentary … Read more

How to become a vampire

Hollywood has focused the propagation of vampirism through the vampire bite or vampire kiss. However,  the prevalent mythological routes are usually a sort of curse or predestination. The bite The most common and sure-fire method of becoming a vampire is to die from a vampire bite. The sanguinary bite (or “kiss“) of a vampire is … Read more

Vampires Weaknesses

Fortunately for us, vampires have several limitations upon their supernatural powers and existence. The first was their all-consuming craving for blood. Unless a vampire drank approximately one quart of fresh blood every other night, it would weaken and either fall comatose or perish. Some vampires of great power, like Dracula, were able to resist their … Read more