A Vampires Solemn Prayer

Hail My Lord!

Oh  my mighty dark Lord, My Satan, for you are the lord of my whole race.
Thy god has so lost you and forsaken thee.

Un-blessed is the dark stench of the pitt that thy lie in hell.

And un-blessed is the forbidden fruit which doth hang around your neck.
And with this with which thee tempted Eve

Unholy lord that hell is not your only dominion. Beckon all ye demons and devils to do thy bidding.

Enter this body as your vehicle and use me for your greatest evils.
For alone lord Satan, It is only you I serve and obey.

As it is in hell and ever shall be in our world,
 a world with a fiery end.

Lord of the un dead who rules us from Hell.
Thy name is unholy and cursed by all man and God.

The kingdom is a freshly laid grave. A deep gaping pit in the deepest darkest depths of hell.

Buried from the God light of what good Christians call Faith. Allow my feast to be that of human blood.

And from me take from me my vital vampire blood. And allow me to take those need to be thy and my slaves alone.

Lead to you vile innocent blood stained grave in hell.

And deliver me thy devine evil power so that I can rule, as your servant here on Earth. 

Hail My Vampire Lord Satan!

From the “Vampire Prayers” By Greg Dablao June 2009

Many vampires often are Satanist.

Please be fore warned!