Alpha werewolves

The Alpha wolf is one of the two head wolves that run the pack and most of the time are the only wolves in the pack aloud to breed. Alpha werewolf is the name given to those who have been given the power of shape shifting through the use of ointments or charms or born … Read more

Beta werewolves

Those who have been cursed or bitten by another creature are called Beta werewolves. They have little or no control over their changes from Man to Wolf and Wolf to Man, and are subject to phases of the Moon. Some legends suggest that Betas have no free will at all, but most suggest that they … Read more

Werewolves pack

Like real wolves, werewolves can live alone for many years, yet the instinct for a pack often leads them away from their secretive lifestyle, into revealing their nature to a priest or close associate, or converting another to werewolfry for companionship A werewolves pack consists of one werewolf who became a werewolf through sorcery, birth, … Read more


In the American Southwest, the Navajo, Hopi, Utes, and other tribes believe in the existence of the skinwalker – a malevolent witch capable of transforming itself into a wolf, coyote, bear, bird, or any other animal. The witch might wear the hide or skin of the animal identity it wants to assume, and when the … Read more

Spiritual werewolves

There are some stories about werewolves in which the subject in question undergoes not a physical transformation, but a spiritual one. It is not the physical manifestation of a creature, nor is it a mental condition, but rather more akin to the dream quests that a shaman may take. It is believed that the spirit … Read more


The berserker of the Vikings and the ancient Germans was a man who believed that he could transform himself into a bear or a wolf when the need arose. They dressed in bear or wolf skins, and sometimes wore bear claws. Berserkers would attain a mental-shamanistic balance of beast and with a mind sigil of … Read more

Human warriors

Many tribes and military organizations have taken the wolf as their totem animal and considered themselves as werewolves: The mongols of Gengis Kahn who submitted most of Europe called themselves the “wolves” The Berksekr were german and scandinavian tribes who disguised themselves as wolves or bears during battles. The appropriation ritual celebrated by the sorcerer … Read more