The werewolf subculture

Lately, many Christian newspapers have strongly reacted a the new trend of ‘werewolfism’ that followed Twilight ‘New Moon’. Like any other group, the werewolf subculture is made up of like-minded people that collectively deal with the same fears, hopes, and dreams. The subculture is sometimes confused with the vampyre subculture but is based on different … Read more

The werewolf and sex

As with vampires, there’s a sexual element to werewolves. While vampires tend to be smooth and sexually charged, the typical werewolf is hyper-masculine. He is exceptionally muscular, exceptionally hairy and exceptionally violent. Werewolves are showing up in romantic fiction nearly as much as the vampire. Depictions of the werewolf in modern and popular culture have … Read more

Werewolves and rites of passage

In many stories, a man becomes a werewolf because of some sort of excess. His behavior may be too rough, or he may, by the standards of the community, be sexually deviant. These traits may have even caused the word ‘werewolf’ to apply to human behavior. In the 16th century in Guernsey, one of the … Read more

The werewolf and bestiality

In werewolf movies and werewolf literature, werewolves are often depicted attacking their victims for the sheer joy of the slaughter, the ripping and biting at the flesh, tearing at the jugular vein with claws or fangs with surhuman strength. The werewolf is the rage personified that the main character of a story is letting out … Read more