Sabbat Ritual

Witches and wizards knew it was the time because their secret mark (made by the devil) itched them. Then, they had to prepare for the Sabbath. Some went there simply by walk, but it was generally admitted that witches flied either on animals companions or demons or on their own broomstick after having rubbed their … Read more

Black Mass

A Black Mass is a parody of the Catholic mass sometimes practiced by wealthy opponents of the Church in the Dark Ages. Some so-called ‘black masses’ were performed by priests to curse enemies, a practice condemned by the church. While this practice was ascribed to witches during trials, it is unlikely it was practiced by … Read more

What the Pope says

In 1233 Gregory wrote to the bishops of Germany, urging them to seek out and persecute the heretics. The letter (given in the Latin in the Annales of Ravnaldus, year 1233, p. 89) is one of those weird compositions which bring a smile to the lips when one hears Catholics claim some special divine interest … Read more

Myth or reality?

As mentioned on the home page, the sabbat is mainly a phantasm of the Church. Black masses have existed and still exist but the traditional description of the Sabbat belongs to the folklore. Moreover the “Witch Cult” as described by Margareth Murray is simply a reflection of Witch hunters’ fears and fantasies. Murray based her … Read more

The Sabbats Calendar

The word Sabbat comes from the Greek work “sabatu”, which means “to rest”. The Sabbats are representative of the turning of the wheel and each honor different phases in the life cycle of the Goddess and the God. It is interesting to note that the eight Sabbats now known to modern Western pagans used to … Read more

Sabbat Places

Witches Sabbats were often held in the following remote and quite places : ruins and remnants of antique temples (this refer to the various pagan cults), mountaintops, forests, and abandoned churches. FRANCE In Brittany, the Carnac area full of dolmen in the Alps, the Pra-Pratis field near the Queyras (where is erected a stone); In … Read more