The Leaper Between

An Historical Study of the Toad-bone Amulet; its forms, functions, and praxes in popular magic.   By Andrew D. Chumbley ©Andrew D. Chumbley, 2001 ……………………………. “And the Lord spake unto Moses, Say unto Aaron, Stretch forth thine hand with thy rod over the streams, over the rivers, and over the ponds, and cause frogs to … Read more

Codex Saerus: The Black book of Satan

We are proud to present this new and definitive version of the Black Book to all Initiates and Adepts of the Sinister and to authentic seekers of the Black Arts. According to tradition, each Master or Mistress who was responsible for a particular Satanic Temple or group, was given on his or her assumption of … Read more

Letters on demonology and witchcraft

BY SIR WALTER SCOTT, BART. With An Introduction By Henry Morley Ll.d., Professor Of EnglishLiterature At University College, London London George Routledge And Sons Broadway, Ludgate Hill New York: 9 Lafayette Place 1884 INTRODUCTION. Sir Walter Scott’s “Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft” were his contribution to a series of books, published by John Murray, which … Read more

List of Voodoo Superstitions and Spells

A lock of a girls hair brings good luck. If you lay a broom across the doorway at night, a witch can’t come in and hurt you. Having a woman visit you the first thing on Monday mornings is bad luck for the rest of the week. Don’t borrow or lend salt because that is … Read more

Principles of Wiccan Belief (1974)

In April 1973 a group of about 73 representatives from many Wiccan paths and traditions met in Minneapolis to form a temporary “Council of American Witches” under the leadership of Carl Llewellyn Weschcke. The group disbanded shortly afterwards. However their 13 principles are still endorsed by many American Wiccans. In seeking to be inclusive, we … Read more

Satanism and the history of Wicca

Satanism has been used over the years to describe a variety of different belief systems in a number of contexts which range from the literal worship of a malevolent spiritual being (Theistic Satanism) to an individualist celebration of selfishness and pleasure (LaVeyan Satanism).   The perception of Satanism by Christians and Pagans is “that which … Read more

Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches

If the reader has ever met with the works of the learned folk-lorist G. Pitré, or the articles contributed by “Lady Vere De Vere” to the Italian Rivista, or that of J. H. Andrews to Folk-Lore[1], he will be aware that there are in Italy great numbers of strege, fortune-tellers or witches, who divine by … Read more

Malleus Maleficarum

Malleus Maleficarum (1486) translated by Montague Summers [1928] This is the best known (i.e., the most infamous) of the witch-hunt manuals. Written in Latin, the Malleus was first submitted to the University of Cologne on May 9th, 1487. The title is translated as "The Hammer of Witches". Written by James Sprenger and Henry Kramer (of … Read more