What to do if your house is haunted

Keep A Journal If you feel you have ruled out rational explanations for the phenomena that are taking place in your house, and they are still occurring on a more or less regular basis, document them. Keep a journal of the phenomena as they happen. For example: May 2, 2002; 10:40 p.m. – Was sitting … Read more

Paranormal Organizations

Paranormal associations, societies, investigators and other organizations, listed by state or geography. StrangeUSA.com Wow! Here is a really impressive collection of strange reports — ghosts, weird creatures, UFOs — from all the U.S. states and many of their cities and towns. Great resource. Alabama Paranormal Research Organization The site of this group offers investigation case … Read more

Signs your house is haunted

The first step is to determine whether or not you truly have a legitimate haunting or if the phenomenon is being caused mechanisms that can be explained by basic inquiry, or if it is being caused by environmentally or psychologically induced suggestions. Remember, not all haunting occurrences are alike, each case may exhibit a variety … Read more

Spirit photography

Spirit photography is a type of photography whose primary attempt is to capture images of ghosts and other spiritual entities, especially in ghost hunting. It was first used by William H. Mumler in the 1860s. Mumler discovered the technique by accident, after he discovered a second person in a photograph he took of himself, which … Read more

Ghost Hunting Rules

Ghost-hunting can be exciting, and it can also be physically demanding and mind tricking. Most of the time, the main requirement to be a ghost hunter is having a lot of patience. You also need to know what to do, how to stay safe, and how to gather all the data you can to ensure … Read more

Ghost Buster Handkit

Here is a list of a few things you will need to bring with you Note that he majority of photos are not full bodied apparitions but what researchers believe are spirits energy that the camera translates into the form of orbs, mists, vortexes and light rods.   Manual camera Either you opt for a … Read more

Legal advice for haunted properties

Most America states’s disclosure laws don’t deal with the forms the deceased take in the afterlife, but they do address death as a stigma. In California, for example, the law says you don’t have to disclose a death that occurred more than three years before the sale. Real estate attorneys interpret that to mean agents … Read more

Hot Spots

Any place where a mysterious or violent death has occurred. A good thing to do is get this information by word of mouth and then go to a local library to get accurate times and details from their back issues of newspapers. This type of place could be a battlefield or a spot where a … Read more