Feral children

John Ssabunnya

A young boy that was adopted and reared by a local colony of African Green monkeys apes in the dense African jungles of Uganda, until being found, scavenging for food in the company of his fellow apes, by a tribeswoman in 1991.

The boy was then taken to the Kamuzinda Christian Orphanage, 100 miles from the Ugandan capital Kampala, where he lived with the family of the orphanage manager. For the next few years John learned how to speak and to behave in a human manner, being able to tell his incredible ordeal himself.

Hillary Cook, a 56 year-old British dentist who was working in Uganda at the time, meet John and passed the story along to the BBC, which verified its veracity by going to Uganda and talking to all of the witnesses and parties involved on his rescue, education and reintegration to society.

John’s remarkable story was featured in “Living Proof”, a television documentary screened on the BBC, October 13, 1999.