List of sightings

Loch_Ness monster by Lethus

Purported sightings on land


Name: Duncan Campbell

Date: 1527

Location: Not known

Description: A terrible beast seen on the loch shore.


Name: Group of children

Date: 1879

Location: North shore

Description: Small head on long neck turning from side to side. Grey in



Name: E.H. Bright

Date: 1880

Location: Drumnadrochit

Description: Monster left wooded area and waddled to water on 4 legs.

Long neck, dark grey in colour.


Name: Gypsy woman

Date: 1890

Location: North shore

Description: No details but she took detour over hills so she never

passed same place again.


Name: William MacGruer

Date: 1912

Location: Inchnacardoch Bay

Description: Animal with long legs looking like a camel with a long neck

moved into loch and vanished. Yellow in colour.


Name: Mrs. Peter Cameron

Date: 1919

Location: Not known

Description: Head like a camel on long neck with 4 limbs. Camel like



Name: Alfred Cruickshank

Date: April 1923

Location: Invermoriston

Description: While driving down road saw a monster with body 3 to

3.6m long with a 3m tail. It had a arched back and 4 webbed, elephant

like legs. Khaki green in colour.


Name: Alec Muir

Date: 1930’s

Location: Inverfarigaig

Description: Large beast crossed road in front of car


Name: School children

Date: 1930’s

Location: Urquhart Bay

Description: Horrifying animal seen moving from swamp area in

Urquhart Bay into loch.


Name: Mrs. Eleanor Price-Hughes

Date: 1933

Location: Not known

Description: Large creature emerged from bushes and vanished into



Name: Col. L. MCP Fordyce

Date: April 1933

Location: Near Foyers

Description: Like cross between a large horse and camel with hump on

its back. Small head on long neck. Grey in colour.


Name: George Spicer

Date: July 1933

Location: Between Dores and Foyers

Description: Large creature crossed road 140m in front of car. Thick

body with long neck. Grey 7.5m long. Moved in a jerky movement then

slided into loch.


Name: Mrs. M.F. MacLennan

Date: August 1933

Location: Dores

Description: Dark grey mass on beach 6 to 7.5m long. Several humps

with short, thick legs.


Name: Mrs. Ried

Date: December 1933

Location: Inverfarigaig

Description: Seen resting on shore. hairy body with thick mane on neck.

Size of hippopotamus. Large, round head with short thick legs.


Name: Arthur Grant

Date: January 1934

Location: Abriachan

Description: Small eel like head on long neck. Bulky, 4.5 to 6m long

body with 2 humps and 1.5m long tail. Black or dark brown, 4 flipper

like legs.


Name: Jean MacDonald and Patricia Harvey

Date: February 1934

Location: Inchnacardoch Bay

Description: Seen crossing a stream in moonlight. Thick, dark body

tapering toward tail – lighter underneath. 4 thick, short legs. Body about

3m long.


Name: Miss Margaret Munro

Date: June 1934

Location: Borlum Bay

Description: Seen on shingle beach. Large body with giraffe like neck

with small head. Dark grey body. 2 short forelegs or flippers.


Name: Torquil Macleod

Date: February 1960

Location: Opposite the Horse Shoe

Description: Grey/black mass with elephant like trunk. Pair of front

paddles in all 13.5m long.


Name: L.N.I.

Date: June 1963

Location: Seen from Achnahannet

Description: Seen and filmed on shore 4km away. Film no good

because of distance but guessed at body of 5m long.