Bigfoot names

The bipedal hairy hominid creature known as Bigfoot has been given so many names that it’s hard to keep track of them all. has compiled one of the most comprehensive listing of mythical and historical names. We have not only listed the name, but its geographical origin and, for the historical names, the Indian … Read more

The Grey Man of Scotland

Aka : the Big Gray Man of Ben MacDhu, Am Fear Liath Mori Place: With a height of 1309 metres (4296 feet), Ben MacDhui is the loftiest peak in the Cairngorms and the second highest peak anywhere in Scotland. Many mountaineers are certain that it harbours a malign humanoid entity, referred to  as the Big … Read more

The Missouri Monster

Momo (short for ‘Missouri Monster’) is the name of an alleged hominid, similar to the Bigfoot, which is reported to live in Missouri. Description: Momo is reported to have a large, pumpkin-shaped head, with a furry body, no apparents neck and hair covering the eyes. Habitat: Mo, a sleepy Mississippi River town about 25 miles … Read more

The Orang Pendek

Orang Pendek ( Indonesian for “short person”) is the most common name given to a cryptid, or cryptozoological animal, that reportedly inhabits remote, mountainous forests on the island of Sumatra. Aka : Batutut, Atu, Sedapa, Mawa (Malay). Folklore : Natives of Sumatra have generally accepted the Orang-Pendek as a genuine animal for centuries, and because … Read more

Swamp Monster

The Honey Island Swamp monster is a humanoid cryptid reported from Honey Island Swamp, Louisiana since 1963. Aka : The Thing, Wookie  Place : Louisiana Honey Island Swamp Description:  The creature is described as bipedal, seven feet (2.2 metres) tall, weighed 300 or 350 pounds, and sports long, grey-brown hair and big, wide-set eyes and … Read more

The Skunk Ape

Place : Several sightings occured near Ochopee in the 729,000-acre Big Cypress National Preserve, a portion of the Everglades which is considered a Wildlife Management Area. This large swamp is home to two other monstrous creatures, the Giant Gator (an alligator the size of a small island), and the Gatorman who is half-pygmy, half-alligator. A … Read more

Mono Rei

Aka: Ameranthropoides loysi, Dr. Francois de Loys, de Loy’s ape Between 1917-1920, a Swiss geologist, named Dr. Francois de Loys and his men were searching for oil around the River Tarra and Rio Catatumbo at the Venezuelan Colombian border in South America. This mountainous region, the Sierra de Perijaa, was heavily forested, and that time … Read more