Enemies of dragons

The dragon fears nothing except the elephant with whom he will engage in battle, entwining himself around the elephant and inflicting fatal blows. However, as the elephant finally collapses, his fall crushes the dragon to death. The dragon is supposedly the enemy of the sun and the moon, both in Eastern and Western mythology, and … Read more

Inner qualities of the dragon

The name "dragon" comes to us from the Greek word for seeing "derkein". The dragon is supposed to have unusually sharp vision in the physical, intellectual and psychic realms. In legends, it is known as a prophet; a riddler; and a guardian of temples, paradises, magic, and hidden treasures. Siegfried battled a dragon for immortality … Read more

Guardians of treasures

Dragons were believed to live at the bottom of the sea (Water) or in deep caves of high mountains (Earth), where they guarded vast treasure hoards, very frequently of pearls and stones. Usually dwarves are looking after them in popular fairy tales. Chinese dragons do not typically guard treasures , but they are often kept … Read more


Water The dragon’s form arose from his particular power of control over the waters of the earth and gave rise to many of the attributes singled out by different peoples as the whole myth developed. The dragon was associated with clouds and believed to be a rainmaker. Its fire-spitting was reminiscent of lightning. Some people … Read more