Aka: Wyver, Lindworm, Lindorm, Wouive, Vouivre  Element : Earth  Description: two-legged dragon with two wings, a serpent’s head and the claws of an eagle. In modern images, they may have claws on the wings and a sting filled with poison on the end of its tail.  The French Wyvern known as a Vouivre or Wouive, … Read more


Description: These are dragons which have neither legs nor wings  Origin: Worms are known to be the first incarnations of dragons. They are linked to water and are omnipresent in most primitive cultures (Australia, Africa, Amazonia). Famous:  the Lambton Worm.  Lore : forests and wells and any dark place near water.


Description: double-headed serpent-dragons with heads at each end of its body. Its name means ‘goes both ways’ in Greek as it could reportedly stick one head inside the mouth of the other, and roll to where it wanted to go. Some pictures of this creature depict it as having feet, others just as a snake. … Read more


Amphiptere, Amphithere, or Amphitere is a term used to describe a type of legless winged serpent found in European heraldry and later in modern sci-fantaisy books. Famous: Quetzacoatl, the Dragon of Henham (169, Essex), many monsters in the mythology of ancient egypt : Aapep, Mertseger, Buto, Nekhbet In the Dragonology series of fiction books, amphitheres … Read more


Origin: Greece  Description: many-headed dragon who either have wings, or wingless. When one head is cut off, two more grow from the spurting blood.   Famous : the Hydra of Lernea, the Beast of the Apocalypse.


Element : Earth  Origin: Germany, Gaule (France)  Description: A drake is a  dragon with only legs and no wings. FireDrakes have the breath of flame, and are usually reddish in color. In Europe many cities were named after this dragon: Drakeford, Drakeshill, Draguignan,…  Lore: They often live in caves and guard great treasure. They breath … Read more


Element : Water  Description: A drake is a  dragon with only legs and no wings. Icedrakes exhaled snow and hail and are usually white or light bluish in color. These types of dragons do not fly, they look like large lizards being about 5-20 m long.  Like the icedrakes, firedrakes keep treasure hoards. A firedrake … Read more


Tatzelworms are small dragons recorded in Switzerland and Austrich. They have a head like a cat on a long serpentine body (1.2-1.5 m) with two small arms. They were able to leap at great distance. More on Tatzelworms