Black helicopters

UFO sightings and other incidents dealing with alleged extraterrestrial life forms are often accompanied by sightings of black helicopters and disks. On occasion UFO witnesses report the presence of black helicopters in the area, sometimes even in pursuit of the unidentified flying object.  Some theorize these black helicopters are manned by government agents who are involved in suppressing UFO evidence.  Others, however, suggest that the force behind these black helicopters are a cabal of domestic and international parties (and maybe even aliens themselves) whose real intent is far more nefarious than a mere UFO cover-up.  These online resources examine the black helicopter phenomenon and expound of the meaning of black helicopter sightings.

 In a documented “mystery helicopter” wave in England, accounts place Oriental-appearing occupants in an unidentified chopper. Slant-eyed, olive skinned, Oriental-seeming occupants have been a staple at the heart and at the periphery of UFO accounts for years. Significant numbers of the infamous Men In Black (MIB) have a similar appearance, but very often they are
seen as very pale and gaunt men who are sensitive to light.

There also has been speculation that they are involved in biological experiments with chemical or biological warfare or the geobotanical pursuit of petroleum and mineral deposits.
In STIGMATA No. 5 (Fall-Winter 1978) Tom Adams outlined the most prominent speculative explanations accounting for the mutilation/helicopter link, including the following:

  1. The helicopters are themselves UFOs, disguised to appear as terrestrial craft.
  2. The choppers originate from within the U.S. government/military and are directly involved in conducting the actual mutilations.
  3. The helicopters are government/military and are not involved in the mutilations but are investigating them.
  4. The helicopters are government/military, and they know about the identity and motives of the  mutilators and by their presence, they are trying to divert attention to the possibility of involvement by the military.

 The answer, as far as Tom Adams is concerned, could be a combination of the above explanations.