Evidences of alien creatures


Should alien artifacts be discovered, even here on Earth, they may not be recognizable as such. The products of an alien mind and an advanced alien technology might not be perceptible or recognizable as artificial constructs. Exploratory devices in the form of bio-engineered life forms created through synthetic biology would presumably disintegrate after a point, leaving no evidence; an alien information gathering system based on molecular nanotechnology could be all around us at this very moment, completely undetected. The same might be true of civilizations that actively hide their investigations from us, for possible reasons described further in this article. Also, Clarke’s third law suggests that an alien civilization well in advance of humanity’s might have means of investigation that are not yet conceivable to human beings.

Crop Circles

These concentric rings and patterns up to 100 feet in diameter, have been appearing in farmers crop fields in England, United States, and other locations since the 1950’s. The origin of these circles is highly debated and appear to coincide with UFO sightings prior to their sudden appearance. Some even suggest the patterns and symbols are attempts at communication. However, nobody has been able to capture a UFO or alien space craft in the act of creating such a circle, and therefore, the UFOs are nothing more than a suspect…not a culprit. Human hoaxes have been exposed in the…but alien beings were never found responsible. Therefore, we conclude that crop circles are not evidence of alien space craft visiting Earth.

Advanced “Unexplainable” Technology

Among the more controversial theories prevalent in writings from authors such as Erich Von Daniken, is that extraterrestrials have visited Earth at the dawning of humankind, assisting ancient people in accomplishing things that modern humankind cannot explain. Many in support of the alien craft theory argue that “aliens built the Pyramids of Egypt”. However, evidence of this is lacking and is purely speculation. And to quote an X-Project reader who recently posted his opinion to a similar topic in the forum, “…I think that the underlying ‘humans could not have done this without alien help’ trend…is insulting. We are by and large a very clever, capable race.”

Modern advances such as military Stealth technology is also attributed to alien creators although this is purely speculation. Stealth aircraft employ very scientifically engineered features which do not appear to be related to light-speed, anti-gravity flying saucers from other planets. Again…this is nothing more than a speculative theory attempting to explain that which we do not understand.

Alien Abductions

The alien abduction phenomena is perhaps one of the biggest factors causing many to associate UFOs with extraterrestrials. However, every alien abduction story has come from eye witness reports or were retrieved while under hypnosis. For one thing, hypnosis is not an accurate memory retrieval tool and can cause false memories. Eye witness reports are not solid evidence as we will discuss later on. Finally, there are many earthly explanations for such unearthly phenomena. DMT, Serotonin, and electro-magnetic energy can cause similar experiences under controlled conditions in labs, and it is believed that these naturally occuring chemicals or rays can cause such events outside the lab as well (Read more here). More on alien abductions here.


Implants are not scientific evidence of extraterrestrials because no one has been able to make an accurate determination that they are of alien origin. “Implants” have been removed from certain individuals, but these objects appear to be terrestrial…and have not been found to be what they are assumed to be – tracking devices implanted deep into the skull of human victims of alien abductions.

Eye Witness Reports

Eye witness accounts make up the majority of UFO reports. However, just because thousands of individuals have seen flying metallic disks or lights in the night sky, or had close up views of what appear to be alien craft hovering above them…does not mean that the objects are in fact alien in origin.

While the X-Project is not going to assume those who have come forward with reports of UFOs are all lying, we do understand that many factors contribute to the way in which people interpret, experience, and report such phenomena. While some (perhaps many) UFO reports are complete lies or hoaxes, many are probably misidentified air craft or natural phenomena such as earth lights. (Stay tuned to the X-Project Magazine as we will be publishing a full report on the many factors which affect the way people experience and report paranormal phenomena.) Eye witness reports are not “hard evidence” and are impossible to verify and prove.

Photographs and Video Footage

Photographs are not hard evidence for alien space craft or extraterrestrial biological entities because UFO photos are extremely easy to fake… extremely easy! Try it! With the modern advance of Hollywood special affects, anyone with a fraction of this knowledge could create a very convincing bit of cinematic UFO fiction. Plus the majority of UFO photographs are fuzzy and subject to interpretation. If they are real, whatever fraction of them are, then photographs would probably be good evidence that unidentified flying objects exist…but not alien spacecraft.

Serious UFO researchers should refrain from being swept away into the extraterrestrial theory…which should be just that…a THEORY. Every report of a flying disk or nocturnal light, every report of an alien abduction, every photograph of a fuzzy gray “something” in the sky should not be assumed extraterrestrial simply because there is no other acceptable explanation. Sure, there could be life in outer space…and a tiny fraction of this life could be intelligent…and an even smaller fraction could be intelligent enough to visit Earth… but please keep in mind that there is really no evidence of this at all.