Type: Western dragon 

Origin: German Myth 

Myth : Known to have began his life as a dwarf, he killed his father to take his hoard. Fafnir hid this hoard, and guarded it day and night at Gnitaheide. Through his greed, or a cursed gold by Otter, he slowly transformed into a dragon. Sigurd Volsung (also known as Siegfried) was encouraged by a dwarf magician at the Court whose name was Regin and who was in reality, Fafnir’s brother, to kill Fafnir.

Sigurd and Regin dug a hole, and Sigurd hid in it. When Fafnir passed over the top of the hole, Sigurd stuck his sword, Gram, into Fafnir’s belly, killing him. Regin removed Fafnir’s heart, and cooked it. When passing the heart to Regin, Sigurd burnt himself, and put his fingers in his mouth.

The small amount of dragon heart was enough to allow Sigurd to understand the birds. They told Sigurd that Regin was planning to kill him, so Sigurd killed Regin, loaded the treasure onto Granni, his horse, and rode away, bringing with him the old malediction from Otter.