Faerie gifts

It is believed that to know the name of a particular fairy could summon it to you and force it to do your bidding. The name could be used as an insult towards the fairy in question, but it could also rather contradictory be used to grant powers and gifts to the user. But the … Read more

Fairy rings and dances

According to folklore, fairy rings are magical circles in which witches and faeries meet to sing and dance at night. The wild enchantment of the faerie music can lead passersby inexorably towards the ring which like a faerie or a kiss or faerie food and drink, can lead to captivity forever in the world of … Read more

Plants of faeries

Plants of great power against and among Faeries are : Alder Protected by water spirits Apple To ensure good harvests, leave the last apple of your crop for the Apple-Tree-Man. Ash Druids wands were made of ash twigs. It also has healing properties. Weak-limbed children were passed through split ash trees which were then bound … Read more

Fairy music

Fairies are fond of dancing and playing music. They share this trait with the fauns and satyrs who escorted Dyonisos. In Ireland and Scotland, many pipers and fiddlers learnt their songs or even their trade from the Fairies. In the same way that the famous bluesmen of America get their fame through a pact with … Read more

Fairy festivals

The fairies have three great festivals every year, during Walpurgis Night (April 30), Midsummer’s Night (June 24), and Samhain (October 31). On Walpurgis Night / Beltaine (also known as May Eve and Walpurgisnacht), the fairies engage in great feasting and occasional fighting. On Midsummer’s Night (also known as Midsummer Eve) the fairies are at their … Read more

Fairy food

Fairy food consists principally of things intended for human food, of which the elves take the substance, fruit, or benefit, leaving the semblance or appearance to men themselves. In his manner they take cows, sheep, goats, meal, sowens, the produce of the land, … Cattle falling over rocks are particularly liable to being taken by … Read more

Fairy funerals

Usually the fairy folk are considered to be immortal, at least until the return of the Christ, yet occasionally there are to be found accounts of fairy funerals. Allan Cunningham in his Lives of Eminent British Painters records that William Blake claimed to have seen a fairy funeral. ‘Did you ever see a fairy’s funeral, … Read more

Fairy raids

On the last night of every quarter, especially the nights before Beltane and Hallowmas, Faeries were known to leave their home and wander in our world, taking away whomsoever of the human race they find helpless, or unguarded and unwary. They may be encountered any time, but on these stated occasions men are to be … Read more