BY RUTH EDNA KELLEY, A.M. Lynn Public Library BostonLothrop, Lee and Shepard CO.Published, August, 1919Copyright, 1919,By Lothrop, Lee and Shepard Co. To my Mother and the memory of my Fatherwho inspired and encouraged mein the writing of thisbook. PREFACE THIS book is intended to give the reader an account of the origin and history of … Read more

Monstrous cocktails

These spooky drinks are classic cocktails with a Halloween twist. They will enhance your parties and make your guests feel good. Check the ingredients quality and drink with moderation to avoid any hangover. AnimalsBat BiteAlligator PissBarracudaShark BiteScorpionRattlesnake AliensA Little Green Man From MarsAlien Urine DeathNuclear WasteAgent OrangeArmageddonGrim ReaperRed DeathCocktail BombNeutron Bomb911SuicideKill You Dead CryptidsLoch Ness … Read more

The Piper and the Puca

THE PIPER AND THE PUCA. DOUGLAS HYDE Translated literally from the Irish of the Leabhar Sgeulaigheachta. In the old times, there was a half fool living in Dunmore, in the county Galway, and although he was excessively fond of music, he was unable to learn more than one tune, and that was the “Black Rogue.” … Read more