Aka : funnel ghosts 

Origin: ?

Description : A tornado-like mass of air, water, or energy that spins around very fast, creating a vacuum to pull objects into its empty center. It can varies in size and length when moving. They are readily confused with a speeding orb when they slow down and take on this straight & narrow look.

Theory : as other apparitions, there are no real consensus about the nature of the vortex. Some claim it is a former resident of the home or a a visiting relative. Other believe it serves as a vehicle to transport spirits in the shape of orbs from their realm to ours. In supernatural studies, a vortex is an energy mass that is a temporary opening to the other side, this can be the result of spirit energy in motion.

Actually, a large number of natural phenomenon can create vortex such as tornadoes or water tourbillons.

Location : anywhere but most often inside homes and old buildings.

Records : 100 000+

Veracity factor : 2/10 

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