Elven Nation Manifesto

On 6 February 1995, a document titled the “Elven Nation Manifesto” was posted to Usenet, including the groups alt.pagan and alt.magick.

Enough people contacted the original author of the Elven Nation post in good faith for a planned mailing list to spin off from it.

I raise this rallying cry for all fellow non-humans around the world. It is time those of elven, dwarven, and others stopped passively letting out heritage slip away in to the mists of time. It is now, the end of helplessness. We must not allow our gifts to atrophy further. We shall bring back true magic; break down the dam that allows only a small trickle of the magical into dominant, mundane reality. It is the duty of all those who have achieve enlightenment to help those not as far along the path. It is the imperative of all those who achieved a personal magical reality to implant those ideas into consensual reality.
We will use force if necessary, through teaching otherwise.

The Veil to the Otherworld has thickened over the years. It is our duty as beings who are still able to perceive and manipulate the veil,due to our non-human heritage, to rend it to the point where magic is as free flowing as the oxygen we breathe and as commonplace as technology.

This will allow our oldest brethren, The True Fae, and other magical creatures to once again live among us in acceptance. We must help those who are caught on this side of the Veil suffering torment from the lack of magical energies. We must provide a basic magickal litteracy for the world.

To this end I propose the formation of a The Elven Nation, a group being a rallying point for all non-humans to focus their energies unto these goals. To provide a common meeting ground for discussion and debate all things non-human and/or magical, as well as sharing strategy to attain these goals. E-mail discussion is encouraged. Starting with a mailing
list, and when time and input permit, a newsletter. E-mail may be sent to amul…@ithaca.edu. Snail mail to Morningstar, Terrace 3A Room 205 Ithaca College Ithaca NY 14850. Please pass this on to anyone who might be interested. Submissions of anything are very welcome. Stories, essays, experiances, networking info, strategy etc… Thank you.

(Adrian Mulvaney )