Gaborah is a prehistoric monster from the television series Ultraman.


A giant quadruped, Gabora’s only distinct feature was a head shielded by four strips of armor that closed around his face to form a conical mask with narrow eyeslits. The suit is a re-used Baragon with King Kong’s roar from 1962 King Kong vs. Godzilla.


Gabora, a creature from some unexplained prior experience, that has an appetite for uranium, was lured away from the coastline to a more secluded area using a uranium capsule suspended from a helicopter as bait. Gabora opened his armor mask, presumably to more easily consume the radioactive delicacy, but his attempt to dine on the uranium rattled Shin Hayata and his helicopter, leading to Ultraman’s appearance (Hayata is Ultraman’s host), and Gabora’s fairly routine demise.

In the series Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero, a truck carrying uranium components broke down in the middle of the road. As a mechanic came and was about to repair it, both the driver and truck were sucked underground by the uranium absorbing kaiju, Gabora. Attracted by charges being set off for uranium digging, Gabora appeared the next morning to feed himself. Upon analyzing the kaiju’s structure, Gabora’s uranium baed body could set off a nuclear explosion if attacked improperly, preventing WINR from firing on him. After Kenichi threew some dynamite at him, Gabora burrowed back underground.

The next day, Gabora was burrowing towards the Havens Nuclear Power Plant. By the time WINR arrivred to the scene, Gabora was already starting his rampage. WINR used a special bomb to feed to Gabora, but the amount of radiation he was giving off prevented the remote from working. With the situation growing more desperate, Kenichi turned into Ultraman Powered to fight Gabora. During the battle, Powered had a difficult time keeping Gabora at bay while WINR tried to prevent a meltdown from inside the power plant. Once Gabora’s pedal armor was spread out after a missile to the head, Powered used the Mega Specium Ray to destroy him.