Theories about afterlife

For believers, evidences for life beyond death comes from several sources. There are cases of haunting and apparitions, mediumistic communications and automatic writings, possessions, incidences of child prodigies, and ostensible reincarnation data. A large amount of this evidence was gathered during the heyday of spiritualism in the nineteenth century, and is recorded in The Human … Read more


According to Franz Kafka, “Man cannot live without a continuous confidence in something indestructible within himself” . The desire for immortality is a central drive of the human race. Juan Ponce de León, who traveled on Columbus’s second voyage, searched Florida in 1513, hoping to find the fountain of youth. The myth is still active … Read more

Near-death experiences

A near-death experience (NDE) is the perception reported by a person who nearly died or who was clinically dead and revived. They are somewhat common, especially since the development of cardiac resuscitation techniques. The experience often includes an out-of-body experience. A number of more contemporary sources report the incidence of near death experiences as: 17% … Read more

The Great Unknown

One way that humans have devised for dealing with the tragedy of death and the knowledge of our own mortality is to develop complex visions of what might follow death. Major religions teach the immortality of the soul and put forward an afterlife of reward or punishment; some teach that human souls cycle eternally, life … Read more