The Merman

This merman was reputedly found tangled up in a Japanese fishing net some thirty years ago. It was not breathing and exhibited no signs of life. It took up temporary residence in a Japanese bar where it attracted the local clientele until it was sold to a German businessman who donated it to a museum in Munich around 1978.

In April 1981, the museum suffered a catastrophic fire and the merman was thought lost forever. In 1990 it resurfaced somewhere in Florida, where it was passed from hand to hand.

Most believe this Merman is a hoax like the many artefact that flourished in the XVIIIth and XIXth centuries.

Artefact made from a salmon fish and a monkey crane by a japanese fisherman. Feejee was captured in the ocean near the Fidji islands and sold to an american for 6000 US$ in 1940. Barnum later purchased and exhibited her around the world. Several similar monstrous collages are known.