According to a report published by the Georgian UFO Association GUFORA (from the Caucasian Republic of Georgia) an alien body was retrieved by the Russian State Security Service in 1996. An old woman from the village of Kashtim in the Ural mountains found a dying little creature on the road. She thought it was a baby and took it home, nursed and fed it.

After two weeks, the woman got sick and was hospitalized. The creature stayed home alone… and died. Probably because the woman told someone in the hospital the Kashtim Police Department entered the woman’s home and found the dead body on August 13, 1996.

The corpse was filmed with a VHS camera -standard equipment of the Russian police these days- when a preliminary investigation (including the use of a Geiger Counter) was undertaken. According to the measurements of the Police, the being was only 21 centimeters (8 1/2 inches) in length. The corpse was later confiscated by the State Security (Ex-KGB).