Land of faeries

Fairies live in some type of land both on earth and on an other plane of existence. This place has been called many names throughout history: Fairyland, Elfhame,Tir-na-nOg, the Realm Perilous, Avalon, …

Oberon and Titania

It is told in the legends, that once there was a time when the human world was one with Faerie. But because of some dramatic change, faeries had to retreat and maintain only an avant-post on our world. However, the same legends say that there still exist some gateways between the world of faeries and our. Those who have the gift or are in possession of the magic mantra can enter into faerieland.

In the legend of Childe Roland, he gained entrance to a fairy known by circling it three times widdershins, crying “Open door! open door!”. At the third pass it opened and he found himself in the Dark Tower of Elfland.

Time appears not to exist in fairyland, and neither is there any ugliness, sickness, age, or death. Mortals taken to fairyland may pass as much as 900 years there, thinking it only one night. Although no one dies in fairyland there appears to be a fairy birth, as there are many stories of fairy infants and children who require mortal mothers to nurse them.

Fairy palaces (see Ir. Brug) are thought to be lavishly decorated in gold and silver, where the residents and their guests spend much time consuming immense banquets of the richest, most delicious food. Much time is given to dancing and music. Fairies favour two domestic animals, the dog and the horse, although fearful dogs and cats are sometimes ascribed fairy powers. Fairies ride in procession on their white horses, their manes braided and decorated with tinkling silver bells.