To be deviant, at least in a literal sense, means that one does not fit into a social norm, whatever that social norm may be. The label of deviance tends to be applied in the real or imagined presence of a threat. The apparent transgression of the natural order embodies by the freaks constitutes a … Read more

A changing status

A culture determines a freak’s status by way of its interpretation of the origin (cause) of the flaw. If a culture attributes deviancy to supernatural intervention, deviancy may become sacred and the abnormal traits a mark of holiness. The caul is very representative of this attitude. A piece from the amnion (inner membrane enclosing the … Read more

Attributes of freaks

General attributes of freaks   Number Freaks may have too few or too many body parts   Proportion Freaks may have distorted or monstrous forms   Size Freaks are usually much larger/smaller/thinner/bigger than the norm   Color Freaks may have hair or skin of an anormal color considering their sex/race/age   Gender Freaks having two … Read more

Freaks from mythology

From the beginning of this world, there has been testimonies about the existence of monstrous races. Marco Polo, Alexander the Great have all testified that they exist in some mysterious and faraway land. Most authors inspired in their writings or drawings from previous works, and the many Liber Monstrorum are to be taken as fantaisy … Read more

Definition of freaks

The American Heritage College Dictionary defines the word freak as: A thing or occurrence that is markedly unusual or irregular. An abnormally formed organism, esp. a person or animal regarded as a curiosity or monstrosity. A sudden capricious turn of mind; a whim. Slang. a. A drug user or addict. b. An eccentric or nonconformist … Read more


Transgenics are humans whose genetic structure has been altered through introducing animal DNA into their genome. Cloning refers to the reproduction of genetically identical specimen. Today, many labs conduct advanced researchs in order to study gene development and disease processes through transgenics. Transgenic research is already 30% of all government-funded research grants. Transgenic exploration is … Read more

Wrong chemicals

Wrong chemicals like thalidomide brings phocolemy (baby born with hands and foot directly attached to the body). In 6 years (1956-1962), it made more than 8000 victims in Germany, the United States and Latine America. The excess of lead, mercury or dioxin in the alimentation can also triggers disformations in the body of the offsprings. … Read more


A mutant is a, individual that has a mutation in DNA that can be transmitted to its offspring. The term mutant hybrid sometimes used in some books, is a misnomer. Mutants should not be confused with organisms born with developmental abnormalities, which are caused by errors during morphogenesis. In a developmental abnormality, the DNA of … Read more