Future Vampires

Scientists predict that in the next twenty years, they will have figured out how to keep us alive and young for 150-200 years. What will this longer life span mean for vampires? Will they become obsolete as we enjoy our own extended long lives?

They are slowly being undermined as sexual creatures as more an more people live out their fantasies in a less strict society. Will we ever see a day when humans don’t need a vampire?

Vampires have evolved as successfully as humans have. After the fall of the Roman Empire the domination of Islam and Christianity over the previously pagan world should have marked the end of bloody rituals and dark gods. But superstitions– most of them originating from pagan beliefs– and a Church’s crafty use of demons and vampires as conversion tools evolved the vampire into the walking corpse, a step closer to humanity.

With the loss of control by the Church, education increasing and the industrial and scientific revolution, the vampire again faced extinction. But with the sexual repression of the Victorian Era in full swing, the vampire fell into its new role easily. Now, with a new step in human evolution approaching, the vampire will have to again adapt.

The vampire will most likely fall back into the role of a deity again. We can already see this happening in our disenchanted and faithless society. People, unhappy with their choices of religion, which can’t seem to keep up with science and society, are making their own religion, which sometimes involves old-style pagan rituals and sharing blood as a way to bond members together.

Vampires will survive, because, after all, they are immortal and draw on our lowest instincts.