Protection against abduction

This is the story of a man that has suffered from so called ‘Missing Time’ and  ‘Abduction Trauma’. He moved to New York City. He found office space close to where he lives making time alone in transit quick and easy. He has an apartment on a low floor where his windows face another building near by. He does not wander around alone at night and always stays with the beat of the busy city.

He also has developed a practice of starting and ending his day loudly proclaiming to the universe that he does not want to be taken ever again and no one is allowed to take him against his will. He took every precaution he could think of that would make taking him extremely difficult for his abductors. Happily for this man his efforts seem to work as he is happy and without incident now for many years.

His efforts at making future abductions difficult seems to have worked as he has not had a lost time experience or anything close to an abduction experience since he changed his life style and has taken measures to protect himself.

This man wanted me to explain to others who also may be going through the ordeal of abduction that they too should look at how they live and figure out how to make it as difficult as possible for visitors to snatch us whenever they wish. He also thinks his daily loud announcements to the universe that he does not want to be taken again important and useful in stopping these events.

Of course following some basic rules are a must like avoiding dark lonely places or being alone- is key. Also installing lights and alarms can help. This man is convinced that making it difficult for the visiting abductors to take you is the key in breaking the cycle of being abducted.

Living with people around you is important. Populated places with lights activity and noise are things that seem to keep our visiting intruders at bay. If you do need to travel do it during day light hours and take the routes where other people are nearby.

I have great respect for this man and how he handled his problem with thought and action. I am very happy he now is living a better life where the on going horror of painful abductions has ended. I hope others who may be traveling a similar fate may be able to find help in what this man has lived through.