Being a child conceived under a new moon

      Being born on a full moon friday (Italy)

      Being born on the winter solstice or Christmas Eve (Italy)

      Being the elder son of priest

      Being the 7th of 7 consecutive (Germany).

      Drinking water out of the footprint of a savage wolf (Balkans)

      Drinking downstream from wolves or from where a wolf pack has drunk

      Drinking from haunted streams or pools (in the Harz Mountains in Germany)

      Eating the brains or flesh of a wild wolf

      Having tasted human flesh.

      Getting bitten by a werewolf

      Having sex with a werewolf and survive

      Wearing the enchanted skin of a dead wolf or werewolf.

      Plucking or wearing or smelling the lycanthropic flower (Balkans)

      Wearing a belt made of the skin of a executed criminal      

      Sleeping outdoors at night on Friday while the light of the full moon shines in your face (Italy)

      Not going to confession for 10 years

      Being bloodily murdered on a full moon