Psychic Vampires

Protection techniques

Quartz crystals when properly used are the best artefacts to be unsurpassed in their capacity to erect an outer protective shield around oneself that renders any vampire attack harmless. Once the crystal is appropriately programed and then kept in close proximity to the physical body, the protective shield remains in place to provide constant protection. The procedure is particularly effective in protecting against prolonged exposure, such as when a psychic vampire may be living or working right alongside you.

For this procedure, you can use a crystal already in your possession, or you can select a fresh one from an assortment. When selecting a crystal from an assortment, first state your goal of complete protection from psychic vampirism, and then slowly pass your hand, palm side down, across the assortment.

Select the crystal that seems to stand out from the others (heat, color change), and while holding it, note your interaction with it. If the crystal does not seem appropriate for your stated goal, repeat the process until you find a receptive crystal. Not infrequently, the crystal in an assortment that first commanded your attention is ideal for your present use.

Once you’ve selected a crystal, cleanse or deprogram it by briefly holding it under cool running water and then letting it air dry on a towel.

To install the new program, simply hold the crystal in your hand, and while gently stroking it, invite it in your own words to be your guardian angel by working with you to neutralize and defeat psychic vampirism in whatever its form.

To save the program, simply say, “Please stay.”

How to feed

Psychic vampirism is largely performed through visualization and a great deal of practice. One way to do it is to target a person and just visualize energy inside and around them.

It is recommended that the beginner, especially those without a proper teacher, feed from people who seem invigorated or, shall we say “hyper”. This is the easiest victim for they seem to radiate energy. After more practice, one can feed off anyone. Even over the phone or Messenger. It is not advisable that one try to feed off an ill person, extremely depressed person, or suicidal person. They could not only give off negative energy that would hurt you, but it coul

Find someone who has an abundance of energy. Once you have selected your “prey” or “source”, concentrate on them. If you must look at them, then do so. If not, picture them in your mind. Imagine their energy coming out of them and entering you as an electric stream. Feel the build up of energy revitalizing you, making you vibrate with what feels like an electric charge, and draw it all into yourself, feeling it invigorating you. Continue to do this until you feel satisfied but dont leave them overly exhausted or be noticed. If you do not feel satisfied you may need to feed off more than one person.

As you get more practice, you will be able to this from a distance and over the phone. Perhaps you have a compassionate heart towards the unknowing victim, you can learn to feed off a crowd collectively.